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The Y PLAN Body Confidence
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Who is involved?

All THE Y PLAN BODY CONFIDENCE presenters are experts in their fitness areas. These are: Caroline (Pilates), Rachel (Toning), Jay (Cardio Kick), Rebecca (Body Sculpt), Katie (Dance) and Teresa (Aerobics).

Why did we make The Y Plan Body Confidence DVD?

The research shows that ideally you should be doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day if you want to keep your health and fitness. However, 30 minutes of exercising a day can be too much for many people with busy lifestyle. That is why YMCA designed The Y Plan Body Confidence DVD that comprises of six 10 minute workouts. You can choose any type of activity you feel like doing in a particular day and do either full 30 minute class or spread these three 10 minute workouts throughout a day. Or if you are really busy, you can do one 10 minute exercise a day and still feel benefits.

The Y Plan Body Confidence has been developed to fit in our busy lives and will help you to tone, firm and shape the chest, arms, hips, thighs, tums and bums using specific exercises on each area. Only few minutes of exercising a day and you can improve your health and fitness.

What is different about the Y Plan Body Confidence?

  • The Y Plan Body Confidence is a tried and tested programme based on over 20 years of fitness research.
  • You need only 10-30 minutes of time a day to follow this fitness programme to build up your body confidence and keep your health and fitness.
  • The Y Plan Body Confidence combines 6 different workouts in one DVD.
  • No special or heavy equipment is required. You only need an elastic band available from most fitness stores.
  • A room of an ordinary size is enough to do all our workout routines. You can complete our programmes in the comfort of you own home.
  • The Y Plan DVD is suitable for anyone from beginner to advance level

Meet the Y Plan Leaders

Caroline Sandry - Pilates


Jay Banks - Cardio Kick


Rachel  Smith - Toning


Rebecca Monnington - Body Sculpt


Katie Page - Dance


Theresa Wheatley - Aerobics


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The Body Confidence Philosophy

The Y Plan philosophy is strongly aligned with the Body Confidence ethic.
Our views promote health and fitness and can be summarized in a few key
Read more about our anti-airbrushing, real workout routines for
real people approach.