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Developed by the expert fitness trainers at the YMCA, choose from six great titles for just £8.49 each.

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Watch our video workout tip on how your posture can be improved leading to greater BODY CONFIDENCE

Workout Tips - Caroline Sandry - Posture

The Y Plan Body Confidence - Six exercise programmes

The Y Plan Body Confidence

Six 10-Minute Exercise Programmes

  • Do you want to be more confident in your body but don’t know how to achieve it?
  • Do you find other exercise programmes too faddish or just celebrity spin-offs?
  • Do you worry that some exercise programmes may well do more harm than good?

Here, at last, is the easy way to feel good about yourself. THE Y PLAN BODY CONFIDENCE is a tried and tested exercise programme based on over 20 years of fitness research.

Developed with the YMCA fitness team, this programme offers 6 separate 10-minute workouts: body sculpt, toning, cardio-kick, pilates, dance and aerobics. Each exercise routine is presented by an expert in that area.

Why is THE Y PLAN BODY CONFIDENCE exercise programme right for you?

  • Tones, firms and shapes the chest, arms, hips, thighs, tums and bums using specific exercises on each area
  • It is devised by Central YMCA – the UK’s leading fitness trainers
  • Created to fit in with our busy lives



RRP: £16.95
Special Price: £11.95

Bonus Features

  • A behind-the-scenes documentary showing the fascinating inside story of how the programme was devised
  • Top exercising tips

Meet the Y Plan Leaders

Caroline Sandry - Pilates


Jay Banks - Cardio Kick


Rachel  Smith - Toning


Rebecca Monnington - Body Sculpt


Katie Page - Dance


Theresa Wheatley - Aerobics


Want to become a fitness instructor? Visit YMCA!

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The Body Confidence Philosophy

The Y Plan philosophy is strongly aligned with the Body Confidence ethic.
We actively promote physical activity and exercise, health and long term solutions.