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The Y Plan Body Confidence


Watch our video on how your posture can be improved, leading to greater BODY CONFIDENCE

The Y Plan Countdown

The Y Plan Countdown

A Great New Shape in 36 Days!

Do you wish you had a firmer, more shapely body but feel its just too difficult to achieve?
Do you find some exercise programmes too difficult to follow?...or simply too boring?
Do you worry that some exercises my do you more harm than good?...And therefore you don’t bother?

The Y Plan Countdown is a tried and tested exercise programme based on years of research and experience. It will firm and tone your body so that you will see and feel the difference in just 36 days!

Why is THE Y PLAN COUNTDOWN right for you?
Tones, firms and shapes the chest, arms, hips, thighs, tums and bums using specific exercises on each area
• It simply takes 12 minutes each day, for 6 days a week – so don’t worry about having the odd day off!

Presented by Jill Gaskell with Anthea Turner.


RRP: £9.95

Special Price: £8.49


EXCLUSIVE! You can now download the Bonus Supertone Section from the Original Y Plan Countdown to complete your toning workout!

To download the full video, please click here. Please be patient if you have a slow internet connection, as this is a large file.

The Body Confidence Philosophy

Read more about our anti-airbrushing, real exercises for real people approach on The Body Confidence Philosophy page.

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