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Developed by the expert fitness trainers at the YMCA, The Y Plan Body Confidence is a DVD of 6 workout routines.

The Y PLan Body Confidence


Watch our video workout tip on how your posture can be improved, leading to greater BODY CONFIDENCE

Workout Tips - Caroline Sandry - Posture

The Y Plan Physical

The Y Plan Physical

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment with an Innovative Workout

Test and develop your fitness with
The Y Plan Physical. This unique exercise programme is the first comprehensive exercise DVD which shows you in easy steps how to test your own fitness level and then allocates a tailor-made workout routine. The whole programme has been devised for men and women and the workouts provide both an ideal starting point for those who lack general fitness and a testing workout for those wanting to develop further.

Why THE Y PLAN PHYSICAL is the exercise DVD for you:
• It provides an easy-to-follow fitness test which allows you to actually monitor your fitness development on an ongoing basis
• It is devised by Central YMCA – the UK’s leading fitness trainers
• It is totally safe and effective
• The fitness test and each exercise block only take about 25 minutes each to complete
• The workout routines are specifically designed to increase your all round fitness and give you a great body shape

Presented by Anthea Turner and Jill Gaskell. Featuring Jeremy Guscott.


RRP: £9.95

Special Price: £8.49


The Body Confidence Philosophy

Read more about our anti-airbrushing, real exercises for real people approach on The Body Confidence Philosophy page.

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