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The Y Plan Before and After Pregnancy

The Y Plan Before and After Pregnancy

The Complete Pre and Post Natal Workout

Exercise and well-being take on a whole new meaning both during and after pregnancy. Expectant mothers are not only concerned with their own body (and regaining their shape after the birth) but also about taking care of the growing baby inside them. That is why this DVD is so important.

• It contains easy to follow 12 minute exercise blocks specifically graduated for all stages of pregnancy and including the vital three months after birth
• It uses expert advise from leading doctors, obstetric physiotherapists and midwives on all aspects of fitness during pregnancy
• It has specific guidance on how to achieve a flat stomach once the baby is born
• It’s revolutionary approach makes it ideal for all woman at any level of fitness including those who have never exercised regularly
• It is effective and safe for both mother and baby because it has been derived and is taught by the experts
• It’s unique effects will help all mothers cope much better with the actual birth

The Y Plan Before and After Pregnancy is a must for all woman at any stage of pregnancy and is also ideal for those who want to get back into shape after their child is born.

Presented by Jill Gaskell and Lesley Mowbray.


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The Body Confidence Philosophy

The Y Plan philosophy is strongly aligned with the Body Confidence ethic. Our viewspromote health living and wellbeing and can be summarized in a few key messages.
Read more about our anti airbrushing, real workout routines for real people approach on our Y Plan Philosophy page or visit YMCA. .

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