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Developed by the expert fitness trainers at the YMCA, this DVD will help you to get in shape.

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The Y Plan Tone, Stretch and Step into Shape

The Y Plan Tone, Stretch & Step into Shape
with Paula Hamilton

From beginner to advanced – tone, stretch and get in shape!

The Shape series has been put together by the personal trainers at Central YMCA who are the premiere health and fitness trainers in the UK.

They are progressive, safe, effective and fun, and there are three programmes in the series; a step routine, a stretch workout and a toning routine that will get you in shape. All three are challenging and achievable – you will both see and feel the results.

Paula hamilton is a model and exercise enthusiast. She combines with leading fitness experts to bring home the essential ways to a new body.

Presented by Paula Hamilton.

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Special Price: £8.49


The Body Confidence Philosophy

Read more about our anti-airbrushing, real exercises for real people approach on The Body Confidence Philosophy page.

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