The Y Plan
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Developed by the expert fitness trainers at the YMCA, The Y Plan Body Confidence is a DVD fitness programme.

The Y Plan Body Confidence


Watch our video fitness tip on how how to mambo, leading to greater BODY CONFIDENCE

Workout Tips - how to mambo

The Y Plan

The Y Plan

Your Ultimate Fitness Programme

The 12-minute way to fitness!
The Y Plan is the UK’s no. 1 fitness programme. Its unique 4 level structure makes it ideal for men and women at all levels of fitness.

Simply select your own starting point and, when you feel the time is right, move up a stage.And the good news is that The Y Plan is so easy you’ll quickly want it to become a permanent part of your life!

Why is THE Y PLAN for you?
• The only really safe, progressive fitness programme based on over 12 years
of sports science research
• The only personalised exercise-to-music programme combining aerobic, muscular and motor fitness for all over body shape
• It only takes 12 minutes every other day to get your body in terrific shape –
and keep it that way

Don’t you owe it to yourself to exercise with the experts?

Presented by Jill Gaskell with Anthea Turner.


RRP: £9.95

Special Price: £8.49


The Body Confidence Philosophy

The Y Plan philosophy is strongly aligned with the Body Confidence ethic. Our viewspromote health living and wellbeing and can be summarized in a few key messages.
Read more about our anti airbrushing, real workout routines for real people approach on our Y Plan Philosophy page or visit YMCA. .

Want to become a fitness instructor? Visit YMCA!

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