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Y PLAN Series

Developed by the expert fitness trainers at the YMCA, choose from six great titles for just £8.49 each.

The Original Y Plan Series - Workout Routines - DVDs


Contact the Y Plan team

For more information on either the original Y Plan series or the Yplan Body Confidence please email us at
For more information about the makers of this programme or any of the organisations involved please visit the Links page where you will find their website details.

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Developed by the expert fitness trainers at the YMCA, The Y Plan Body Confidence is a DVD of 6 workout routines available to buy online now.

The Y Plan Body Confidence


Watch our video workout tip on how mambo, leading to greater BODY CONFIDENCE

Fitness Tip - How to Mambo

The Body Confidence Philosophy

The Y Plan philosophy is strongly aligned with the Body Confidence ethic.
Our views promote health living and wellbeing and can be summarized
in a few key messages.
Read more about our anti-airbrushing, real workout
routines for real people approach on our Y Plan Philosophy page or visit YMCA.
Want to become a fitness instructor? Visit YMCA!

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