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Watch our video exercise tip on how your posture can be improved leading to greater BODY CONFIDENCE

Workout Tips - Caroline Sandry - Posture


What is the Y Plan Body Confidence Philosophy?

The Y Plan philosophy is strongly aligned with the Body Confidence ethic. Our views promote healthy living and wellbeing and can be summarized in a few key messages. We ask you to get behind these principles as we have:

Airbrushing – this form of image manipulation has helped to fuel public dissatisfaction with their appearance. The Y Plan is not aiming to make bodies perfect, but move people towards achievable improvements.

Anti obesity drugs – around one in four people in Britain and many other parts of the world are clinically obese. Drugs and medications are increasingly being used to combat this problem but simply perpetuate quick and easy solutions causing untold side effects.

Body diversity – many in the media promote ultra thin or highly muscular body types in advertising and marketing literature. More needs to be done to use a range of body shapes and sizes reflecting the actual diversity of people.

Body image – body image is a persons’ conception of their own shape and size. Good health is not defined by body size alone; it is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing.

We actively promote physical activity and exercise, healthy living and long term solutions. For more information, browse this website or visit YMCA.

Meet the Y Plan Leaders

Caroline Sandry - Pilates


Jay Banks - Cardio Kick


Rachel  Smith - Toning


Rebecca Monnington - Body Sculpt


Katie Page - Dance


Theresa Wheatley - Aerobics


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